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Social Bookmarkings

  1. Is there anyway to add a Social Bookmarkings to the end of each post as some new blogs have?

  2. We don't have a social book marking widget yet for this purpose but I will join you in requesting that one be made. In the meanwhile I believe you will have to add links to each one to each post you make.
    P.S. I believe staff may want to consult drmike regarding this as he has one on his wordpress MU site.

  3. AMEN!!!!

    I think this is a great idea, and best handled through software. Because I'm lazy, frankly, too lazy to update delicious and digg and yadda yadda yadda every post, regardless of how much a famewhore I am. And I am.

    My blog has a delicious thingy for each post automatically, and it would be a huge advantage to not only the individuals but to WordPress to add one to every post on each template automatically, not to mention Digg, etc. Nominations?

  4. We've discussed it a few times in the past. I think Lorelle came up with a bookmarket thingie as a work around.

  5. I agree - I would love for this to happen automatically.

    For now, I've begun to manually add social bookmark links (, digg, ma.gnolia and Technorati) at the end of my posts, tho it will probably become very tiresome to keep plugging URLs in - code template or no.

    I've pasted the html below. You can see how it looks on my site.

    Hopefully this helps someone out. Right-click in this text field and then 'view page source' to see the plain-text code of the links below. It should do the trick; just plug in your URLs/titles where the TEXT IN CAPS is.

    - Joe
    Digg it

  6. Thanks! Brazilliant!

  7. The issue with that though, as Status mentions, is the poster has to go back and manually add in the URL into the links after they've made the post. :(

  8. Agreed and that's still a pain. Perhaps we could convince sysadmin to move this up the priority list folks.

  9. It would be nice, even IF we have to go back and put the URL in, Would be a big help from putting the image manually

  10. It seems to work as far as I can tell.

  11. I think most serious bookmarkers probably have bookmarks set up for these already anyway in their browsers.

  12. All I know is that since I started doing this I've been Digged and Stumbled several times and gotten on several aggregators I never even heard of before. But they're butt-ugly right now; I have to find images for them and put that into the template. It is taking me about 15 minutes per post to put the social bookmarks in.

  13. the best solution i've seen is (ex-wp-dev)alex king's share this. it holds all the social bookmarks, and the "email this" (requested in another thread), without taking up tons of space, or being 'butt ugly'.

    i'd love to see something like that added to

  14. Yes, that is very nice. Unfortunately, it's javascript.

  15. right, it would have to be made available by the staff.

  16. on the topic of third parties, feedburner offers sweet, no-hassle code to add social bookmark links as addendums to your posts, under the 'publicize' tab in its dashboard. you can choose to add links to digg, del.ici.ous, newsvine, etc. - and very many others that you can simply toggle to preview how it would look in a feed aggregator and on your site.

    but yeah. that's also javascript.

  17. Given that the stone knives and bearskin-level crude HTML I'm using works, I'm sure with a bit of tweaking a technically inclined person could make an icon-based system that you could plug the URL and title into OFFLINE and then paste the resulting HTML in. What I'm using right now is just a Word document. I'm going to keep playing with this and see what I can come up with over the next week or so, Luddite though I am.

    I wonder if Feedburner would consider doing some HTML stuff just for There are a half-million blogs here, including some pretty heap big mucky-muck tech bloggers.

  18. Just adding that the social bookmarks I added a few days ago are now responsible for about 10% of my hits.

  19. 15 minutes a post is a long time, but that's a lot of hits.

    i should go back and add them to my posts.

  20. You want the code for what I'm using? If you're clever enough to figure out how to put icons in there, I'd appreciate a tip. I'm changing the first pointy bracket to a curly one in hopes it'll show up this way. You can see where to put the URL in and where to put the title.

    Note that I have NOT tested these. But I have seen I've been on Digg and Stumble and such. No Fark yet, dammit.

    Nope, the forum gibbles it up. I'll paste it as a blog post right now and put the link in this thread when I'm done.

    Here ya go:

  21. awesome, thanks.

    i took that, and added images:

    to post code, you'll have to use the backtick key (top left key, right under ESC), and convert any < to &lt; so that they don't get parsed.

  22. Thank you, you did an awesome job. I will start doing it according to your instructions as of tomorrow. Much cleaner, easier to use, and faster. And purtier, too!

  23. @kamel and rain
    I visited your blogs and I'm impressed with what you produced. In essence it's the same product as what drmike's widget produces. The differences being that with drmike's widget you simply install it once on your blog and that's it. Thereafter the icons appear at the end of every post.
    I'm not inclined to expend the extra time on each post to go through this "procedure". IMO there should be a sociable widget developed for MU and until there is one my blogs are remaining au naturelle.

  24. drmike's widget?

    i'm confused.

    i've been inclined to do without as well, but 10% is a lot. and yes. a sociable widget/option/plugin would be much better.

  25. I'm sorry for causing confusion with my awkward phraseology. Let me express this again please. drmike has a plug-in called "Sociable" by Peter Harkins which has been made for exactly this purpose that drmike uses on his own wordpress MU site. The plug-in can be used to automatically add links on your posts to popular social bookmarking sites. I made reference to it in my first post on this thread.
    As this plug-in already exists and has been operating on another wordpress MU site I fail to comprehend why it can't be used here.

  26. ah. yes, i'm familiar with sociable, inasmuchas i stole a few of the icons from them. :D

  27. So, it works here??? *is confused* If that's the case, I want about six hours of my life back, dammit!!! I thought plugins were off-limits?

    Ventureskills has also been kind enough to explain bookmarklets to me from the beginning, so for those of you who are interested you have another choice, one that WILL work with blogs, even if it has javascript in it (because the javascript operates in your browser, not on the site).

  28. @raincoaster
    Akismet is a plug-in too and we have it here. My point is: a social bookmarking plug-in does exist. It is called called "Sociable" by Peter Harkins. drmike installed it for bloggers on his wordpress MU site which is like a small version of this wordpress MU site. This is why I was surprised to see you and kamel re-inventing the wheel, so to speak.

  29. Until WordPress itself installs it here, though, that is what we have to do. I saw Sociable on Peter's site, but recognized fairly quickly that I was powerless to use it.

  30. because it's been 10 months and it hasn't been installed?

    i'm not reinventing the wheel, i'm circumventing the lack of a wheel. that's all. hence referencing the plugin in my post.

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