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Social Bookmarkings

  1. ben eastaugh nailed it in the comments:
    it's a false causation argument.

    not to mention, 10 isn't a valid sample size for anything.
    posting as many icons as possible? that's bad, true.
    posting the relavent ones? it seems to help, and it could be done tastefully.

    and i completely agree that technorati is a bad metric for anything.

  2. Again I have to snicker at the idea that quality is the best way to get readership. Sure, sucking isn't by itself attractive, but there are absolutely no studies whatsoever that indicate that higher quality of content translates into greater popularity. Quite the contrary; all the studies done indicate that it is at best neutral.

  3. I still think that those folks who are going to want to bookmark will have these loaded in their browsers already.

  4. Updated: adding these links (or buttons, I just haven't gotten that sophisticated yet) does seem to work. My post "Feline Fine" has just been Stumbled and is getting, no word of a lie, two hits per minute. Maybe it was done by someone who had it in their browser, but maybe seeing that link reminded them.

    Whatever, I'll keep doing it. And it's now taking me less than five minutes per post, since I put the template in Word and can just do search and replace.

  5. secondchancetolive

    RC, I have been reading up on social bookmarking today and I am a little confused. You were kind enough to give me the head's up in the post you sent me on social bookmarking. In my reading what you suggested as the solution, I followed the links and other threads on this topic. In the process, I see that Dr.Mike has a plug in that seems to have solved the social bookmarking dilema. Please help me understand something. Dr. Mike's plug in sounds like it will solve the time aggravation with cutting and pasting code, which is not something I find nerve racking. Dr. Mike's plugin sounds like the best of all social bookmarking worlds. Can you please help me understand what is the difference between Dr. Mike's seemingly easy fix and the cutting and pasting code ordeal?

  6. Craig,

    DrMike's plug-in is on his own installation of WordPress, not the hosted sites. We can't install pug-ins here. That's the difference.


  7. secondchancetolive

    You Rock Judy. Thanks so much.

  8. Personally, I do have the bookmarklets in my main browser but I still find it useful when there's an AddThis-type button for social-bookmarking some content (video, blog post, etc.). As raincoaster said, there might be an effect of reminding people about the possibility. But there's also the fact that some of us must use different computers at different moments during the day. And that those "integrated" buttons are a more intuitive way to bookmark.
    We still don't have the perfect social bookmarking solution, it seems. But if we wait for that, we might never see the benefits of social bookmarking.
    Sometimes,'s widget-adoption policy is just not transparent enough.

  9. For the last month or so I have been using Keotags as well as the Add This button. This is because with the Add This button your readers have to complete the url for the blog article being bookmarked but with Keotags the blogger does this in advance

    The blogger supplies the url to the article and the title. The html code is then generated and can be readily copied and pasted into the article. Keotags also has tag search and a tag generator. I suggest that you try Keotags and see what you think.

  10. @TimeThief: Maybe I didn't need the same thing as you did but, as it turns out, I was able to add an AddThis button in a Text widget in one of my sidebars and it seems to work. If I'm in a post and I press this AddThis button, it leads me to a page where there's a long list of social bookmarking services (including Facebook) and it keeps the complete original URL for the post from which I clicked.
    One issue, though, is that the title of the post is replaced with that same URL. But I can probably live with that.

  11. I use both of them and find that the combination works well for me and for my readers.

  12. Learn how to modify the Addthis social bookmarking code so that it works for individual blog posts


    btw, it is futile to post the code that addthis provides under each post. you must modify it for the reader to be able to bookmark a blog post, and not the whole blog.

    the link contains both the original and modified code. see for yourself what they do!

  13. Thanks for updating all these threads. :)

  14. you are all very very welcome!

  15. However, rather than all this fiddling about with icons and links on each post could simply introduce the "share this" plugin by Alex King or a similar widget that would add social bookmark icons at the end of each post. I'm sure that if they did it would be appreciated by many bloggers.

  16. The Share This widget icon is so small and unobtrusive that it generates far fewer recommendations in my experience than those icons laid out in a line underneath the text. I've tested it, and I wouldn't use Share This if I had the choice to use the individual icons. The plain fact is, it's just too skippable.

  17. Setting aside the limitations of "share this" it would appear that coders could come up with a social bookmarking widget that would automatically produce the icons at the end of all blog posts just like the icons you have been manually placing at the end of your posts on your blog. Perhaps what we need to do is ask them to do that. What do you think?

  18. I'd love it, but they've said in the past they won't do it because they don't want to have to decide which ones to put in and which to leave out, and you know those things are very subject to trends.

  19. see below

  20. Ahhh ... yes. It does appear that I forgot that. Thanks for reminding me. It also appears to me that sunburntkamel's solution (ie. the one you use on your blog is the best and easiest social booking marking approach to use on blogs

  21. One really helpful feature of the "Share This" plugin is the ability to email a post. It would be great to have an "Email This" option at, but I imagine it might be something the spammers could somehow exploit, I don't know.

  22. It exists. Type it into the search engine and you'll find the Feedburner workaround.

  23. I'm afraid I didn't make myself clear. We do offer the email subscription option via Feedburner in the qarrtsiluni sidebar, and at another site I administer, we use Feedblitz. Both services work fine. What I'm talking about is the utility common to online non-blog periodicals which allows visitors to the site to email a post to another person. I would imagine that "Email this" links are used at least ten times more often than social bookmarking links.

  24. The one forum thread I can find that addresses this need is
    And as I suspected, drmike says "it's way too easy for spammers to abuse."

  25. that's just one of the typical BS myths around here.

  26. This might be a very good and easy way of having an alternative email a friend thing under blog posts.

    this is the only thing i know that gets the job done for us. if anyone has any other suggestion, do let us know.

  27. oh! i didn't see options' post here before i posted, but, if the myth is about the mailto: tag, then i'm afraid it is true. i had it in a blog post on a test basis and my friend's email to me sent in this way met the akismet fate.

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