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    This problem just began a few days ago, and I haven’t changed a thing. Which is why I think it’s a WordPress gltich that will clear itself up shorty. But on the possibility it is a *known* glitch that can be resolved promptly, I’m posting this problem here. TIA.

    I use a list of social bookmark links beneath each of my blog entries. They are set up with the permalink for each entry. Until a few days ago, clicking on any article’s bookmark/share link from the home page, would use the correct URL specific to the chosen article. But now, the URL given is only for the first article listed, no matter which article I chose below that.

    You can see via page source, that each bookmark link is correct and specific to each article. Yet, when you hover the mouse cursor over any bookmark link no matter which article, it shows the title of the very first article for my home page.

    I understand such an error can be caused by various things, such as a misplaced quotation or other character. And since the problem is only on the home page, and not on any specific blog entry page…I’ve concluded a glitch has popped up in WordPress’ automated settings. And of course, I hope this glitch will clear up on its own, shortly.

    The blog I need help with is



    Mine aren’t doing this, so I’m wondering if it has something to do with your use of the map attribute?

    For better code-readers than me, here’s an example of one of the social bookmarking boxes’ code:

    <map name="social-bookmarks">
    <area shape="RECT" coords="11,7,34,32" href=";title=The%20Eternal%20Wound" target="_blank" title="Blinklist: The Eternal Wound">
    <area shape="RECT" coords="41,10,64,31" href=";title=The%20Eternal%20Wound" target="_blank" title="Delicious: The Eternal Wound">
    <area shape="RECT" coords="69,8,96,32" href="" target="_blank" title="Digg: The Eternal Wound">
    <area shape="RECT" coords="102,10,124,33" href="" target="_blank" title="Diigo: The Eternal Wound">
    <area shape="RECT" coords="132,9,155,32" href="" target="_blank" title="Facebook: The Eternal Wound">
    <area shape="RECT" coords="164,9,189,32" href="" target="_blank" title="Google: The Eternal Wound">
    <area shape="RECT" coords="194,9,219,32" href="" target="_blank" title="Mixx: The Eternal Wound">
    <area shape="RECT" coords="225,10,250,32" href=";title=The%20Eternal%20Wound" target="_blank" title="Newsvine: The Eternal Wound">
    <area shape="RECT" coords="256,10,281,31" href=";title=The%20Eternal%20Wound" target="_blank" title="Reddit: The Eternal Wound">
    <area shape="RECT" coords="288,10,312,33" href=";title=The%20Eternal%20Wound" target="_blank" title="Simpy: The Eternal Wound">
    <area shape="RECT" coords="319,10,344,33" href="" target="_blank" title="Stumbleupon: The Eternal Wound">
    <area shape="RECT" coords="349,10,375,34" href="" target="_blank" title="Technorati: The Eternal Wound">
    <area shape="RECT" coords="381,11,406,35" href="" target="_blank" title="Twitter: The Eternal Wound">
    <area shape="RECT" coords="412,11,435,35" href="" target="_blank" title="Yahoo: The Eternal Wound">
    <area shape="RECT" coords="13,39,184,58" href="" target="_blank" title="More bookmark/share options."></map>
    <p><img src="" usemap="#social-bookmarks" border="0" height="64" width="444">


    Thanks Raincoaster, for your help. As anyone can see, the code is quite basic, only HTML. The same code for each link works just fine for each blog entry’s individual page. The code only indicates the map cooridinates, the URL, command to open a new tab, and the title. Nothing else exists in the code, that could even remotely cause the glitch.

    That is why I conclude that most likely, there is a glitch in WordPress’s automated home page creation…probably a missing quote or other character, which one might discover after going over the home page’s source code with a fine tooth comb.



    How are you putting that code into the post?

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