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    I want to setup the social media buttons similar or better than the button bar at the top of the linked article. I have tried plugins and widgets but most are not limited and concise to what I like in the linked one. Also, because I have tried several plugins, most are blurry or look not as professional as the above. I am new so I need to know which, where exactly to place the code and what to change in the code. Thanks.



    Your blog is a self-hosted blog, which we really can’t help with.

    To clear up any confusion, and are two different entities. has complete support and documentation sites for self-hosted/installed versions of WordPress via their Codex and Support Forums.



    Are you sure my site is .org and not .com? I downloaded it from .com and my account for wordpress is .com. I’m a little confused. How can I know this is correct? My site is hosted by inMotion Hosts.



    Yes, we are sure.

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