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Social Media Buttons

  1. I'm a newbie here and a non-geek. My first question is this:

    How do I install buttons in my blogs so that a reader can "Like" it to his Facebook page and "Re-Tweet" it on her Twitter page and basically re-post it to all the other social media sites?

    Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You might also be interested in this: .

  3. Thank you very much; I'll check those out!

    One other question, if you don't mind: Is it possible to move the items on my menu? For example, if I want my About page on the far right, how do I do it?

    Again, thanks in advance.

  4. You can set the position of all static pages by assigning numerical in the "order" found in the Pages attributes box. See here. >

  5. Brilliant. Thanks!

  6. You're welcome. :)

  7. I'm creating this thing -- structure and content -- at what feels like a hundred miles an hour, and your comments have helped the former (structuring my site) tremendously.

    If I might indulge in another question . . . can I "nest" pages? In other words, say I've got a page, whose name is visible on the menu; can I put several pages in under that one, arranged "horizontally," if you get what I mean, and *not* listed on the menu?

  8. You can, but it's rotten in terms of visibility to search engines. What you're looking for is Child Pages. But again, I caution you that information on Pages is much less easily found than information in Posts, and in most cases you're better off making a blog Post and putting it in the correct Category, and putting the Category page in the menu.

  9. Ah. Hmm. Okay, I'll think about that. I appreciate the input.

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