Social Media icons invisible in Harmonic header after I made it white

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    I’m working on my site ( and the WP support staff helped me put in the CSS to make the Harmonic theme header and footer white. In doing so, however, the social media icons to the right of the site title (top left, where it says CHLOƋ LAI) invisible.

    They still appear in pink when the cursor hovers over them, but are otherwise invisible.

    How can I make these icons colour in?

    Specificity and simplicity are key- I’m very new to this! Thank you for your help :)

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi, the first rule below is the non-hover color and the second would be the hover color, if you also want to change that.

    .social-links ul li a::before {
        color: #22aa22;
    .social-links ul li a:hover::before {
        color: #773399;

    Excuse my obnoxious demo colors. :)


    Thank you so much, thesacredpath! Apologies for the delayed reply; Gmail, in all its wisdom, redirected the notification email to my ‘Social’ inbox.

    Very grateful. Thank you :)


    No worries, and you are welcome. Google/Gmail certainly has its own ideas on things, don’t they? :)

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