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social network buttons

  1. Hi,
    I was wondering if someone could tell me how social network buttons work. As far as I can understand, a person can join one of these networks (like digg this, etc) and then display the button on their blog. From there, I'm really fuzzy as to how it works. Please excuse my ignorance!

    Thanks for any clarification.

  2. In a word, GetSocial

    Teckline has written a tutorial on how to use it here

  3. Thanks. I'll check it out. One more quick question, please. Is Technorati considered a social networking site, or is that something different?


    More like an aggregating service. There is also a technorati button on the GetSocial bar.

    If you need an example of GetSocial, you are welcome to look at my blog. :)

  5. Thanks, Jennifer, for all the help. For now, it's getting late. I've saved this forum post in my favorites so I can spend some time next week figuring it all out.

    Have a nice evening.

  6. You can search lot of networks at google or other search engines
    But what kind of network you need to join soical in terms of comments, research or articles.

    with regards


  7. Thank you Jennifer, for referring my Tutorial. :)

  8. Oh baba, not for individual posts, no! After the AddThis javascript gets stripped out by the WP.COM editor, what's left over just doesn't work right for individual posts.

    If you want to put an AddThis button in your sidebar to bookmark your entire blog, there's a utility in the GetSocial program that washes the AddThis code and makes it usable for WordPress.COM

    If you use Windohs, then GetSocial! (NAYY)

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