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Social Network Share Buttons Missing Suddenly

  1. i had all the social networking buttons on all of my posts and it was there as of this morning, now none of the like buttons for Twitter, Facebook, Digg, StumbleUpon, etc. are there.

    I am afraid if i try to put it back on a different way it will erase the numbers I got before.

    I tried viewing the blog from both Firefox and Safari, but it is the same on both.

    How do I get it back? Where did it go?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm in the same boat. Any insights/solutions greatly appreciated.

  3. @monicafay & @xelaboy
    Using Firefox 7.0.1 I clearly see the sharing buttons below your posts on both of your blogs. Please try clearing your browser cache and cookies.

  4. same here, what happened?

  5. @zhenyakanaevagymnasium
    Well, I can see the sharing buttons on your posts as well using Firefox 7.0.1 Please try clearing your browser cache and cookies.

  6. I clearing my brower cache and cookies doesn't work

  7. @zhenyakanaevagymnasium
    Okay then let's determine which browser and version of it you are using and if it's up to date? You can upgrade any browser version here

    If that doesn't work then please log out of and reboot your computer and log-in again.

  8. I just install firefox 7.0 (I think it's the newest version) and I can't see those sharing button.......

  9. BTW, my google chrome is the newest version too, I cleared my brower cache and cookies, then log-out and restart my computer doesn't work.

    But thank you timethief for answering my questions.

  10. sorry it's me again. I can see those social networking buttons on all of my posts, but they are disappear in the homepage.

  11. same thing with me using the chunky theme and all the chunky theme blogs I visited. This seems to be happening to many of us

  12. and also same problem. They appear on the post itself but not in the homepage

  13. identitysolutions

    Need help - I am in the boat. I tried to update my browser, did everything suggested here - but I still can not see all the share buttons...what shall I do?
    here is my blog:

  14. @identitysolutions
    I can also see the sharing icons on the bottom of your blog posts as well. Which browser and version of it are you using please? Did you log out of and reboot your computer and log-in again?

  15. it seems to be a general problem so I guess all we can do is wait :/

  16. @innerselves

    They appear on the post itself but not in the homepage

    See here: Sharing > Troubleshooting

    If you are having trouble showing the sharing buttons on your blog, please check the following:
    I can’t see the buttons on the front page.
    Make sure to select “Posts and index pages” for “Show sharing buttons on” setting.
    Many of the Available Services are missing from the selection on the sharing settings page.
    If your blog is private, you will see fewer number of services listed.

    P.S. Also note when asking for help on this forum posting an active link starting with http:// to the blog in question is helpful as we can then examine the blog.

  17. Same problem, and I just upgraded to Google Chrome.

  18. Sorry, here's the link to my blog:

    The buttons were there all day and then when I checked the blog tonight they were gone. My settings for the sharing buttons are set as you recommend.

  19. @timethief thx a lot for the advice, unfortunatelly still not working. First time posting here, I'll keep that with the active link in mind

  20. The box "Front Page, Archive Pages, and Search Results" is ticked in my case, as it's always been. Yet, I have the same result: sharing buttons stopped showing up on my front page... like everyone else here I suppose. Therefore, I tagged this thread with a modlook, hoping that staff can take a look.

  21. ~~airodyssey
    I can see them on your blog too and on my own . (Note I removed front page display some time ago now when I noted the slow page loading time.) I suspected that there maybe some backend tinkering going on ... as this is the third thread on this.

  22. ~~timethief
    That's the thing: they show up when you view the post individually, but not on the front page.

  23. Our blog is dealing with the same issues. Any solutions?

  24. me too, same issue..this morning the share buttons have disappeared.

  25. kabarevoltaire

  26. kabarevoltaire

  27. mine too, no sharing button on front page.

  28. i'm using Mac OSX and Safari / Chrome.

  29. eyeonearlyeducation

    Ditto to those saying this is a WordPress problem that needs their attention. My settings also are in order -- but no sharing buttons appear on my front page.

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