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    Sorry about that…fat fingered the key! If one were to put say 5 or 25 networking badges in a widget–provided of course that one is registered with all networking sites–at publish time will my blog automatically post to the networking sites that I am registered to, or do I need to publish, and then go to each of the sites and post individually?

    Thank you in advance (TIA) Cheers!




    Don’t start a NEW thread when what you want is to add on to an existing one. It just makes more work for the volunteers.

    No, it will not. You have to put the badges on EACH individual post. Putting them in your sidebar will do nothing more than post your blog’s overall URL.



    And then someone has to click on each of them to submit your post. Automatically recommending everything you post to Digg, etc, is a good way to get your accounts at those networking sites downgraded.




    Again to the rescue! Of the first part, I realize how frustrating matters can be vis-a-vie trying to assist others who may, or may not, have a clue as to what is going on. However, there is never an excuse for being rude or curt with those who may, in fact, be more frustrated than you are.

    We all do our level best here at WP; this is an outstanding organization, one of which I am proud to be a member and at times, also a volunteer.

    Sorry about the thread issue; certainly I wasn’t trying to start a NEW ONE; by the sounds of the opening sentence, it looks as though something definitely went astray (hint: ‘fat-fingured, normally means a key was depressed by accident NOT intentionally).

    Anyway, thanks again for the assistance.

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