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Social Networks Siphon Personal Info

  1. Are you a Facebbok member? Are you a member of other social networks? May 31 has been declared “Quit Facebook Day“, with just under 14,000 committed Facebook quitters signed up so far.

    Did you know this? When surfing the web if you click an advertisement the web will conceals your identity. But if you click advertisements on social networking sites, your username will not be concealed, and it will be traced to your profiles page(s) on social networks in order to and acquire your personal information. Read more and join the discussion here > Social Networks Siphon Personal Info

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Left a comment! FB has become such a great topic for discussion as of late. Great to know the CEO finally realizes we are all VERY disappointed in him!

  3. I think it's only the tip of the iceburg.

  4. They're on a down hill slope. The nostalgic part of myself hopes that Myspace sees the mistakes FB has made and comes back, without those mistakes of course! But then again, that probably won't happen. Myspace Tom wants money too!

  5. Agree myspaces ain't going places either. ;)

  6. It's scary the amount of data that is being recorded everywhere you go on the internet. Google has been doing it for years. Youtube, Facebook, MySpace, Amazon. They know you as well as you know yourself.

  7. Agreed and scary part is the all these so-called privacy (cough) features are opt in by default. Changes are made and the opt out process is not made clear before surprise! there's been another change, and in many cases it's not easy to accomplish opting out. .

  8. once you are in the internet especially the networking sites, even you yourself vaporise, you will still have some data about you. Its like entering some gang, once you are in you cannot get out.

  9. Yes! Worse still is that social networking is an addictive time waster that addicts try desperately rationalize. Did you know Facebook has a 2 week no sign in for leaving policy? Some don't make it through the withdrawal period. They are addicted people with time on their hands ready to log in and take up fake farming again.

  10. wordsdivinelywrought

    Thank you for confirming/validating my decision not to become involved in social networking sites. Perhaps it's a generational thing, but I never really "got" the appeal. When I politely requested that a friend NOT create a "fan" site for me, she lambasted me for not being more techno-savvy, told me I'd regret it, and then hung up on me! (-:

  11. Yes it wastes time, my social network activity is very low. I have added friends who are my friends from my school, college, locality, and relatives, to keep in touch, and some internet contacts, like bloggers in . I find no point in farming or playing mafia mafia in facebook, or in anybook .
    I think there is nothing social in the 'social' networking sites. Instead i feel that or such blog sites are much better, where blogger groups meet and discuss on topics etc. the IRC channels are very good on discussions. At least better than tweeting each and every motion.

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