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    Hello, I have a team of programmers that typically configure all of these back end template issues, however, I need immediate help with identifying the control of a redirect of the main page following the click of a social media button!

    This is one individually built page where my share bar is hardcoded in a custom template… the programmers have inserted buttons and their respective links off the page, which all work properly (sending users to the correct social media page AND opening in a new window)..

    The issue, however, is that clicking the twitter share not only opens a new window, but redirects to a “Page Not Found” on the main page… I would like to redirect to the Homepage instead…

    Where might these controls be if not on the wordpress interface, what might they look like in the theme, and what are the alternatives to fixing this if they appear on neither???




    If you are referring to the free hosted blog linked to your username the “404” page not found on the front page was caused by you deleting the placeholder Hello World post. Simply publish a post and the error message will disappear.



    I do not see a Twitter share button on the blog linked to your username. If you are referring to another blog then we can’t help you until you posts an active link starting with http:// to the blog in question.

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