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  1. solosoyunapersona

    Hi, i want to activate the socialVibe widget but it doesn't work. It keeps loading and does not display the options.

  2. This frequently happens. It might be that the charity organization you selected doesn't have a campaign running at the moment. Could you please try to select another
    charity and see if that works for you?

  3. solosoyunapersona

    No. I canĀ“t select nothing because it does`t display anything. It just kees loading...

  4. This frequently happens. I suggest you give up for now and try using it again later.

  5. solosoyunapersona

    ok. I was trying it yesterday and I could not. I'll wait a few days ...


  6. I'm sorry it didn't work right away for you.

  7. I've just replied to your e-mail. Closing this thread.

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