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SocialVibe badge is misconfigured.

  1. My SocialVibe badge doesn't loaded properly. It say: alert, this SocialVibe badge is misconfigured.
    I just follow instruction in Widget page & its was successfully "Published", but then when i try to have a look at my blog mainpage the badge doesn't show up at all. Please help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. aprendiendoxna

    Hi, me too, the same error alert, what can we do?


  3. Hello there,

    I get the same misconfigure response on my blog as well. I even attempted to change up the programs and sponsors and that didn't work either... hmmm... does this really work???

    Jeremy in Montreal

  4. Not sure aprendiendoxna, i'm trying to get code from SocialVibe & paste it in my blog & see what happen then.

  5. aprendiendoxna

    It seems that a lot of people have the same problem...

  6. juliettedominguez

    Yes, I'm having this problem too...

  7. Dear All,

    I've contacted WP person-in-charge on this issue & being adviced to submit this issue to them via this link: Right after i submitted & i refresh my blog mainpage, my pretty Charity Water badge is appeared, awesome. Try refresh your page now & see if this being rectify. Good luck : )

  8. aprendiendoxna

    Yes it works! :)

  9. Hi everyone, there was a small fix that had to be made that should have resolve the "misconfiguration" issue. If you are still seeing a problem, as wizardstorm suggested, please contact

  10. Thanks Raanan. This feature looks interesting and I will give it a go.

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