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SocialVibe not working

  1. Did steps one and two, saw the graphic for it and thought it wouldn't look too good on my blog, so I went back to step 1 to change the cause to something else I liked.

    That worked fine and all, then Step 2 just turned into a frozen white box.

    It's been a day, and it's still like that, even if I clear my cache and such, and use different browsers..

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I've the same result as yours, posted Question no reply from WP yet. I've try different browser, clearing cookies, web history - still doesn't works.

  3. Dear yourboro,

    I've contacted WP person-in-charge on this issue & being adviced to submit this issue to them via this link: Right after i submitted & i refresh my blog mainpage, my pretty Charity Water badge is appeared, awesome. Try refresh your page now & see if this being rectify. Good luck : )

  4. I am having a similar problem. The badge says it is "misconfigured," but when I try to edit it under Appearance>Widgets the tabs in the box flash for a second and then I get a blank white box.

  5. Contact staff directly: . It's a new widget and obviously there are some issues with it.

  6. er- I dont know if anyone truly has my problem.. haha

    Step 1 works, Step 2 works, Step 3 works, but say you think WAIT, I changed my mind on step 1 and you click "step1", it works! But step 2 (the next step...) forces you into a white screen which theres no going back from. No matter what.

    Contacted support, they said theyre working on it

  7. Yes, we are currently working on some issues with the widget. When things are good, I will post back here. Note that you can also contact support directly, and we will also send you an e-mail when things are back to normal.

  8. thanks, bubel!

  9. I'll wait too, thanks in advance!

  10. Had the same problems as others here, now it looks okay, but doesn't seem to be counting hits/ plays of video--I know a couple of people have done what should've counted toward my 'donation' but counter's still showing zero--any thoughts?

  11. Social Vibe works fine on my main blog but I get the "misconfigured" error message on my other blog. Can you only use it once? I don't get it.

  12. The initial issue has been fixed - and if you sent us a support request - you should have received a response. There still may be some issues with particular blogs, however, and if your blog is one of them, please submit a note to - we will take a closer look for you.

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