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    Hi everyone.

    I added the SocialVibe widget to my blog because man, it’s a great cause and an excellent initiative.

    However, in the sidebar it was displayed off centre (to the right) which meant that a portion of the right hand side of the widget was missing. Also, the traditional sidebar box for the Contempt theme has a blue bar across the top which has the widget title printed in it. The SocialVibe widget didn’t display this and instead just had a thinner blue bar which made it look a little out of place.

    I’ve had trouble when trying to use widgets like this before, and I assume that I need to reduce the padding or whatever in the sidebar. However, I haven’t got the CSS upgrade and it’s something I wouldn’t use more than a couple of times so don’t fancy buying it and figuring out how to use it just for a one-off use.

    If anyone can give me any advice on how I can try and work around this problem I’d be very grateful as I’d really love to be able to display the widget but because it looks so ridiculously out of place I’ve had to take it down for now. As this is an official WordPress widget I thought it would work fine (rather than when I’ve tried to wedge other similar but un-Wordpress widgets in using a text widget) but apparently not.

    As I said, help would be appreciated :)

    The blog I need help with is



    Thanks for the kind words about SocialVibe.

    We greatly appreciate any feedback you have. In the future, please send an email to (email redacted)…we don’t always check the WordPress forums.

    The issues you are having have been fixed and are currently in testing. I’ll let you know when the new version of the widget is live so you can try it out again.

    SocialVibe Techie

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