Soft images despite re-sizing them first!

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    I have been reading all the posts relating to this, and it seems some have not been optimising their images before posting.

    However, i have, and still have the same problem.

    I save my images for web using PShop, ensure they are 72dpi, and that the width pixel dimension matches that of of my blog theme (584 pixels).

    However, once they are uploaded and inserted into the post the blog images look soft on a PC, iMac, iPhone and other devices – all with the most recent browsers.

    However, on some of the blogs, i left the hyperlink in, so that if you click on the picture it takes you directly to the JPEG that was uploaded – now this JPEG is sharp, as i uploaded it.

    Why does WP make the images soft in my posts despite all my efforts before hand – as a photographer, image sharpness is an important factor that must be displayed in my images.

    Any advice?


    The blog I need help with is


    First off, try reading this post (not from my blog but from a very experienced blogger):

    Next, are the originals jpegs(jpgs)? If so, you shouldn’t resize them to the same file format as jpegs are a compressed, lossy format and the more you edit them the more they lose detail. Try resizing and then saving as .PNG files and uploading them as that. (But make sure that you don’t have any layers or you’ll lose them, PNG format retains transparency but also flattens layers).

    If you’re using Photoshop, avoid using the ‘save to web’ part of the program, except for the smallest files (for instance, for email) as it reduces the ppi as it does so. Instead use ‘save as’ and choose the file type from the save options it gives you.

    The other thing you can do is to go to your dashboard, scroll down till you see ‘settings’ then from that choose ‘media’ and adjust the image sizes. That might help. Also, make sure that when you post an image to your blog, that you choose ‘original’ for the size or it won’t format it at the size you’ve resized it to! Good luck!

    Come back here to this thread if you’re still having problems and, with luck, one of the other volunteers will help you.

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