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    Hey guys, new blogger here. Was just wondering what software do you guys use with the design of Headers and Backgrounds? Cheers

    Also, here is my blog, still in the very early stages.

    The blog I need help with is


    I use Photoshop, but that is high-end and very expensive, not to mention it has a pretty steep learning curve.

    GIMP is probably one of the best around and has a lot of features, and best of all it is free although I think there is also a paid upgrade to it as well. I downloaded it a long time ago with the intention of getting to know it, but never have.

    There are version for both Mac and Windows.



    Thank you :)

    Would you recommend Paint Shop Pro or not? I’ve used it quite a bit and can get it for free off a friend.


    I’m not familiar with paint shop pro, so I can’t really say. I mostly deal with photographic images so that is why I use Photoshop and from what I’ve heard, Gimp is about the best, or is the best, no-cost alternative.

    I don’t know how optimized PSP is for the web. Web images need to be optimized properly so that they load fast and I don’t know if PSP can do that.



    Ok, Thank you very much for your help :)



    There are many programs which you can use to optimize and resize images prior to uploading them into your blog.
    * Irfanview
    * Picasa
    * GIMP
    * Photofiltre
    * FastStone
    * Pixia

    If you are looking for sorces of free images as well there are 71 sources listed here under “images (free sources)



    Ahh, ok cheers guys.

    It isn’t great but tell me what you think…

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