SOLVED: Front static page & two ‘Home’ links problem

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    When I created my blog a couple of months ago I wanted a static front page to stop key events/posts being lost among all the other stuff that gets written on the blog. (You’ll see what I mean if you take a look at my blog)

    The downside to this was the theme I chose already had a ‘Home’ tab as default, so, like many others have found, I ended up with two tabs both linking to the same page. Annoying, but I put up with it.

    See FAQ page here, Note 3

    [removed on request of the author. use the EDIT solution]

    I’ll be letting WordPress know so hopefully they can update the FAQ page.

    EDIT!!! Took me ages to find a solution, then I stumble across two within minutes! I have just found a second solution…

    An alternative method is to again, edit the page, but change the ‘Page Parent’ to another page in the blog. It has the same effect :)



    That’s smart!



    thanks for sharing! we get questions like this every now and then and we will point to this thread.



    OK..I was a bit hasty…

    Just spent 20 minutes trying to work out why my front page content disappears when I log out…I made some other changes but it suddenly clicked…the first option of changing your page to ‘draft’ DOES NOT WORK! :(

    But, I’ve just tried the second method, changing the page parent, and the page is still visible after logging out. Fingers crossed there are not any other side effects!

    If any mods are reading maybe they could stick a line through the first method…thanks



    Watch out on making it private as well…I found out that also does not work for child pages for those not logged in (I was trying to make a “hidden” page). If you are allowing comments you might also have the pingback when linking to it from within a post. For what it’s worth here is some of what I found…coming at it from a slightly different angle but similar ending I believe:



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