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Some advice needed please.

  1. I am hoping to buy a new laptop in the summer and I would like some advise from you good people as to which make you consider the best and why. I am considering a Packard Bell as this was the make of my first desk top way back in 1999. Then it blew up two years ago. Lol. But it was a really good make I reckon and right up to the day it went to Cylicon heaven it gave good service.

    Also thoughts on dongles and the best one of you use one.


    Jess. :)

  2. *edit Advice for advise.
    If for of. (whoops)

  3. I wish I could help but I'm not that Tech Savy. I have a Hp Notebook which seems like a lot of people I know have these days. If the other Laptop brand you got before was really good then I would go with that one. My sister is more Tech Savy and said that even though Apple is extremely pricey it is the best when it comes to Anti-Virus protection and whatnot. When it comes to Bell laptops I heard that they have been having a lot of technical problems, although that was a while ago when people kept saying that and Teachers always have Dell laptops.

  4. If your price range is high: Mac, Mac, Mac :)

  5. Apple is the best.

  6. I love apple, but cheaper PCs will get the job done. HPs and Toshibas are really good. Toshiba Satellites are very good.

    My ex worked at bestbuy, and she always recommended Toshiba Satellites.

  7. I have the satellite, a dell and an iMac. None have given me an issue. If you just blog and browse the web, a PC should be just fine. Only reason I bought the Mac was because it had a pretty 27" screen and I 'needed' it. I can't say the Mac is all that though. I personally find it less user intuitive than the PC, which is surprising.

  8. All depends what you wanna spend and what you'll be using it for, I have a Fujitsu Lifebook I bought for 350 and that's done me fine.

  9. Well, I'd go up to £350/400 so it won't be a Mac as someone Oh, I'd be using it for writing my WIP, storing photos the usual run of the mill stuff.

    Thank you folks for your help. :)

  10. Have a look a Fujitsu then :)

  11. @ard. Will do mate. Thanks. :)

  12. If you're moving it around a lot the Toshiba's are pretty tough, my son an engineering student has one as does my husband who travels a lot. They seem to hold up well under a good deal of abuse.

  13. Thanks purple. Lol. It would certainly get that with me especially when I have. *head desk* moment. :)

  14. I love my Acer. not real expensive.

  15. Acers are a seriously good value.

  16. I was about to say the same, I have an acer and I love it! Really depends on what you can afford... I can argue about the mac value since most of my family members work for apple and in my opinion it isn't REALLY that worth such a HIGH price, but you have a better guarantee, after sale assistance... it's up to you and your wallet!

  17. my uncle has an acer aspire i dont know particular model it is but its 3g net book. when its bit new.. i use my sim card to connect on the web using it but years later the netbook's doesnt work properly i inserted my sim but its not working anymore, that why i think it not good. here in the Philippines many laptop/netbook users loves the brand SAMSUNG. I haven't tried using it before but i can see in the shops that its specs is incredible even it is not that costly. you can search it on the web so you can compare the specs and the price.

  18. Before I got my mac, I have an acer too. It was awesome, still is. I played many hardcore games with it too ;). 5 years ago it cost £700.

  19. Thanks for all the suggestions folks. Seems like Acer is a good make and my friend has one and I do like it. I'll give it some serious thunk lol and keep all recommendations in mind. ;)

  20. I love my Sony Vaio.

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