some avatar images randomly missing?

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    over the last twelve or so hours, the avatar images for some of the writers at this blog:

    have been missing. at first they were gone for a short time, then came back, but now they have been gone for awhile.

    The avatar image is deleted out of posts, the comments and the list of contributors. It has happened on more than one blog with the same avatar pics.

    The thing is, other avatar images, such as the image for my avatar, have been fine throughout all this.

    any ideas on how to fix this?




    My avatar is randomly missing :(


    thank you for your reply. I wonder if uploading the images again might help. The avatars I’m talking about aren’t mine, though, so it will be a little bit before I can try that. If it is the network/server and only part of it is down, maybe the part that holds new images is in better condition.


    the avatar images are back, so I did not have a chance to try uploading them again.

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