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    I’ve had my blog for about a year and I noticed that one post was not showing in Google. I’m checking all of my pages and find about 1 in 20 are not on Google. I checked the forums and it seems I can post some HTML code to Bing or Google or some such; but that seems a little out of the way. Is there a way I can just “report” the missing pages to Google? If I re-publish the page will that trigger an alert to the search engines?

    here is the page that is NOT on Google:


    The blog I need help with is


    Only one in twenty? I think Raincoaster is missing a couple thousand that disappeared from Google just a couple months back.

    Only one in twenty? You are blessed. Google likes you.



    Yep,. I am missing the last 1800 or so posts from Google. We don’t know why, either.


    The g00g are fickle.



    I only have 2 blog posts and neither of mine are on google????? Really need help figuring out how to get my blogs “seen”.



    @tradeaway: We can’t help you without the URL of your blog, please, starting with http://.



    If you only have two blog posts, there’s your answer. Blog more.



    Those who are NEW bloggers and and who DO NOT have long established blogs that had previously indexed posts which did appear in the SERPs but no longer appear in them will find valuable information in this post OMG! I can’t find my blog on Google

    Please be aware that all search engine issues are between you and them and we cannot help with them >
    Good luck.


    I’m curious if any WordPress users have completed the Google “feedback” tab and reported missing pages – and if those pages later appeared? I sent feedback on some missing pages & I’ll report here if I see them later appear.

    I had considered submitting meta tags using my google account but according to the FAQs posted by timethief, WordPress already includes those tags.

    So I guess I’ll have to wait and see. Would be curious to hear if any other users had success getting “missing” pages added.


    I found about a dozen posts that were “missing” from Google. Yesterday and the day before I clicked on the “give feeback” button on Google and repoted the pages as missing. I checked them again today and two of the first 6 are now indexed.

    At the bottom of the search page, click on “Give us feedback”
    then select “Google’s search results weren’t helpful”
    thenk select the link “I couldn’t find the page or information I wanted”
    then paste your poost link, in the next subject box enter a search term or tag that relates to your post, then in the last box I wrote “this page is missing from Google”
    then click “send”

    hopefully the other pages will get indexed as well… I’ll post if they pick up the other pages….


    Timethief, I’ve gone through all my missing blog posts, its about 1 in 10 and I see that those that are missing are the posts that had their slug changed. Every post that was published “as is” without a slug change seems to be up but any post with a change in the slug name is missing. I wonder if the HTML code doesn’t transfer properly when the post is renamed?



    I asked them a question via Webmaster Tools but haven’t heard anything from them on that, nor has there been any change in the way I’m being indexed. I almost NEVER change the URL of a post, but in May (when the trouble started) WP itself started fiddling with permalinks and several errors popped up.


    I made a new post (mirroring a “missing” post) with a new post name but the same text and photos – I pretty much cut and pasted the old post to a new post to see if it would show. So far it has not and I am wondering if the old HTML transfered from the old post? I am considering pasting the text to a word doc & then repasting it to a new post & adding the photos back in manually. In this way, with a new slug, it would show as an entirely new post. For “minor” posts I wouldn’t worry about it, but for some that should/would/could attract significant hits, I may make the effort.

    I also noticed that all the missing posts from Google are also missing from Yahoo & those that appear in Google appear in Yahoo – this makes me think that there is an HTML error in the posts and Bing and the other sites are not indexing the “broken” posts correctly.

    As for my earlier effort of reporting missing links to Google, I had 2 or 3 more get indexed today. Additionally, I went in through Google Webmaster toos and “registered” two missing posts.yesterday, one was indexed today. I’m going to try “registering” all the missing posts using the Webmaster tools and see how that works as well.

    Anyone else had any luck getting missing posts indexed?


    Scott, don’t duplicate content. It will most certainly make the search engines angry. The see duplicate content and think “splogger” (spam blogger) and toss you under the bus.

    Also from the time the search engines get a ping about a new post to the time they actually crawl your blog might be a day or perhaps even two. Generally it happens within 24 but I have seen it take up to a week.


    Well, the 2nd “duplcate” post was indexed so I deleted the “original” post. Nothing else seemed to get that post to stick; reporting it, adding it to my Google Webmaster tools… Perhaps then, using your advice, I would create the 2nd page & delete the first page right away so that there are not two duplicates. But, I don’t see how the search enginges can get mad about a page they don’t even see.

    All in all, I’ve been able to get 9 of 17 missing pages added this week. About 1/2 of those are from reporting via the google search page the others were by adding them using Google Webmaster tools & then of course the “duplicate post.” I added most of them to the webmaster tools yesterday and 2 or 3 were picked up today. Will post back in a few days if any more were picked up.

    Incidentally, 2 of the 17 were originally indexed as I remember seeing hits for them but then they fell off….

    I wonder if all the trouble is worth it and I thinkt that the time spent “fixing” these links was less time than it took to write them. And, I think of how many hits those pages will pick up over time and I suppose that it is…


    I am baffled with Google lately. I did a website redesign for a client, created 200+ redirects from the old URLs and all those are getting picked up and redirected just fine. In fact some of the older URLs I had noted have now disappeared and been replaced by the newer ones. The issue is that Google is reporting crawl errors on some of the new pages saying they are getting 404 errors, but when I check those exact links, they take me right to a new page on the site. They are also reporting that there are links in the XML sitemap returning 404 errors, but I’ve checked each that they say are returning 404s and those links are live and active, no 404s. Since the client does web copywriting and stuff like that, she is aware of webmaster tools and I’m getting hit with, “why are there so many crawl errors, we need to fix these.” I logged all the stuff and told her, I can’t fix what is not broken. Google is wrong. I’ve now convinced here to wait for a month or so and see if they don’t disappear.


    Of the 17 “missing” posts, 10 have been indexed and 7 are “missing” despite being added to my Google Webmaster list and that I’ve reported them as “broken links” to Google twice.

    The post that I “re-posted” went up after the repost and I think I’ll wait a few days on the missing 7 and if they don’t index, I’ll repost them. So as to avoid the “double post” that you mentioned, I’ll take the old one down before I put the new one up. I think that just cutting and pasting the text to a word doc and then pasting to a new post and transfering the old photos with a new slug name should trigger as a “new post” in Google’s eye… I’ll post results after I’ve tried it.


    I was just about to “repost” the 7 missing and two more were indexed leaving only 5 of 17 missing; I think I’ll give it another two weeks and see if these other two get picked up.



    There is definitely something strange going on with Google indexing of my 13 blogs. Bing and Yahoo return expected results. Google does not.

    Here’s a post I wrote today on the topic —

    — you find the specifics about the search returns about halfway through.

    If you have any thoughts or feedback to share, please do it on my article since it’s difficult to track fresh replies here in the forum.


    Of the 17 missing posts, 16 are now indexed and I expect the 17th will soon (it was the last one that I inquired on). I believe that the biggest factor getting these “missing” posts indexed as adding the HTML scipt to my blog main page and then adding each of the missing pages to my Google webmaster’s tool page.

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