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Some blogging + google problems

  1. Hello everyone. first of all id like to say that my english is very bad and i hope you understand me. This is my 4th hour of investigation and i can't understand anything :D. Ive started a blog few days ago and added some posts. Now i indexed the page in google, and when i search for ''Cientek''..there it is, my blog :X 3rd position, The bad thing is that it looks like this :

    CienTekCienTek · Entries RSS | Comments RSS. Categories. Nanotecnología (1); Tecnología (1); Uncategorized (3). Archives. August 2009. Calendar. August 2009 ... - En caché - Similares -

    Now, the problem is that i want google to say something interesting ...some frases or words or even post names that i have and etc. (i hope u understand my crapy english :P )

    Ok, than i read around and i think i have to make somehow a ''Sitemap''. Ok, now i know what is it for, but now i need to have installed wordpress? how? im alredy hosted in wordpress...hmm, to be honest im very lost now :P

    Id like some help please because now i feel very noobish :(

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you want Google to say something meaningful, you can use the "Excerpt" box below the post editor and add the description you would want to appear in Google's index.

  3. Thanks a lot, and im really impressed of your fast reply :O:O

  4. Also, wordpress auto-creates your sitemap

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