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    Hi i started a photoblog using the duotone theme and i love it, but using this theme i have a few cuestions
    1 i can´t link to the image´s full size, you kow link to file, clicking in the picture, why? or its for copy/security issues
    2 what is the theme resolution by default? so i can chage it?
    sorry my bad english XD

    The blog I need help with is



    sorry the double post but forgot chenge the blog before posting, my cuestions its for this blog i forgot



    1) the theme is set up not to allow it.
    2) do you mean the width? It varies depending on the width of the image you posted. Maximum width for an image narrower than it is tall is 549 px wide. Maximum width for a horizontally-aligned image is, I believe 800 px.



    ok thanks
    and yeah i want to know the resolution because i dont want upload overzsized images

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