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    When I wire a post, I keep clicking on insertin a link but nothing happens. Only once a box appeared. Please let me know if there is any configuration problem or what else to do.

    I tried to upload a word document but it said such uploads are not allowed. I found it a little strange. I wonder if excel is allowed. They should be allowed upto a certain storage limit in my view.

    In blogger, whatever was typed in ms-word used to come automatically in the post on copying and pasting. For instance while writing poetry, one may press return after half the line is over. In wordpress, in such situations it shows double spacing even if there was no space in the original Msword document. Uninterrupted text is allright.

    Kindly let me know what to do. Otherwise, all the other features are excellent.


    You are only allowed to upload certain image files right now. The beauty of a text editor such as the one featured in WordPress is that you can type anything – much like a word processor – and then format it simply. If you want to use Microsoft Word to type your entry, then you can cut and paste from word to the WordPress window. You’ll still have to format it for HTML. Tables are more complicated. Excel does not work well with Web sites. You should either save your table as an image file or be prepared to learn how to code a table. It’s tedious but plenty of sites will do it for it.



    Thanks for the clarification, talkingbase. I hope they allow small files in the future.

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