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Some help from moving away from

  1. chillipepperpenguins

    Hello Everyone,

    I would like to move away from

    Yes, I did do some research... probably not enough since I am resorting here, and I feel terrible about it, but it's just one of those days for me when I can't think properly. :(

    Anyways, I went under my blog, exported my site, saved that file to my desktop, then I went to Import, and according to, my Import was successful.

    The problem is now.... Well, what do I do now?

    I was thinking about moving to, and I looked through briefly and noticed some hosting services they offered, like BlueHost, Laughing Squid, etc. But I noticed for all the ones they briefly listed, you have to pay a certain amount per month.. and that kinda um, doesn't work for me... heh heh... hard to explain, long story...

    Anyways once again, does anyone know any free hosting services that do not charge anything? (I am aware I might be asking a completely ridiculous question here if there is no such thing) but I am very curious to know. And another factor is, if there is such thing, does anyone know any services that are very compatible. Meaning, they can easily transport my stuff to their service? One last thing to include, once I find a hosting service, do I have to register with or something? Does even accept other hosting services that they do not recommend?

    Okay.. I'll stop rambling on, and oh I apologize in advance if this question is ridiculous, meaning I shouldn't have asked it and all these answers can be found in the forums/support or this question shouldn't even be asked here... like it's supposed to be asked on forums or something. Yes, I've been around the block and we hate all those pesky questions that can be simply answered by looking through Support, and I'd hate to be one of those people. If I am, then Ughhh. Not my day.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Anyways once again, does anyone know any free hosting services that do not charge anything?

    free blog hosting >

  3. Hi penguins, when you say move away from WordPress, do you mean the blogging site in general? Or do you mean you want to eliminate it from your domain name and have a "" url? If what you want is the latter, I'm afraid those don't come free..

  4. chillipepperpenguins

    @turnthrice Well, I guess what I am wondering is if I were to move from to, could I use one of those free-blog hosts @timethief mentioned under instead of using the hosts recommends, so I don't have to spend anything? I guess.. Aaaah hard to explain... Ask if you need clarification.

    And @timethief thanks for the link.

  5. chillipepperpenguins

    And @turnthrice Once I move to, does my URL change to anyways? So, um, what do you mean? :/ I guess I am trying to find a free-web host for that.. :/

  6. Yes, you can use one of those free hosts. But there is ALWAYS a catch with free hosting, so make sure you know what you're getting into. And if you have the custom domain name, you can use it on your blog.

  7. chillipepperpenguins

    Ahhhh, I see. Thanks @raincoaster. That makes a lot more sense now. I'll look into it. Thanks for your help everyone.

  8. The Support docs have good instructions if you put "move a blog" in the search box there.

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