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Some image are disappeared

  1. I can't see some images on my text widget: till yesterday there were three feed icons, but today there's only one;
    even the blogroll under "directory" cathegory is disappeared, no links and no images, could you help me?
    I made no changes on the widget text from weeks.
    I use Firefox 2, but on Opera 9 it's the same...
    Thank you

  2. I can see your 3 RSS Buttons without problems.

  3. Really?
    And The blogroll directory, can you see it?

  4. Yes, I see the Red, Orangle and Blue RSS buttons; and also the 10 buttons in your directory text widget. These images are hosted in your blog?

  5. Yes, all of them are hosted by, but the orange feed icon.
    Maybe something is wrong with my firewall, thank you so much

  6. Clear your browser cache and reload the page in question. The sidebars are cached and you may have just caught a bad load. I see the images fine myself.

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