Some image in gallery do not display properly

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    Hello, I’m having a big of a problem which i can’t seem to fix with images in a gallery. 4 or 5 images in the gallery will not display properly, will the rest display as thumbnails, the other are extremely big as you can see.

    I’ve deleted those images and re uploaded them with the same result.

    Any help is appreciated.



    Very strange… Try changing [gallery] to [gallery size="thumbnail"] and tell us if it helped.



    Can you tell us exactly how you inserted those images? If you follow the instructions here,
    your Gallery should display correctly. If this is what you did and it still displays incorrectly, then I’d suggest contacting support directly.

    (Looking at the source code, some thumbnails are missing the height and width properties that using Gallery automatically generates in the resulting HTML.)


    I uploaded them just like it was stated in the guide.



    If you followed the instructions in that screencast guide and you see the [gallery] shortcode in your post in the Write Editor, then please contact Support because there is a resizing problem that the forum volunteers can’t help you to solve.

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