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some images not showing


    On this page, the first two-thirds or so of my images load fine. But there are always images in the last third that don't load properly. When I refresh the page, the specific broken images are different, but they're always located in the bottom third.

    When I load the page in incognito (Chrome), I have the same problem. When I load in IE, it's even worse. I don't have Firefox on either computer, so I haven't checked what it looks like there.

    What am I doing wrong??

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Also, I should add that when I look at it in Visual mode in "Edit Page", it looks fine; everything loads OK.

  3. and if I use the "View Page" button on "Edit Page," it looks fine there too. It's only when I approach the page from outside wordpress that the images seem broken.

  4. How many images are there and how big/heavy are they (file size in Kb)?

  5. There are 138 images, but they are all only thumbnails (image links to Amazon). I downloaded one image to my desktop to see how big it was and it was only 3.75KB, so 3.75 x 138 = 517.5KB?

  6. The problem isn't the size of the files, it's their number, combined with the fact that they're stored elsewhere. It would be better if you copied the images to your computer and inserted them by uploading them to your blog, but again the number is too large. You should break the page into a series of pages (one for each season):

  7. Thanks--I wondered if that was it. I broke up the pages and it's much better now.

    Appreciate your help!

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