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some .jpg files upload fine to the media gallery, others do not

  1. Some pictures (.jpg) that I had previously uploaded to my Media Gallery had uploaded fine, but now are not showing up. When I try to upload them again, they will not show up, but other .pfg files that I upload, upload fine.

    How to fix this?
    Blog url:

  2. Please see this troubleshooting support doc

    FWIW-I see all the images on your site. If you have a specific post or page where you are having this trouble, please post a direct link, starting with http:// to make it clickable.

  3. Hi JustJennifer

    Here's a link that originally looked fine, but now does not:

    And here is a link, where the picture originally uploaded and displayed properly, and that I tried re-uploading but with no success getting it to display properly:

    If you could solve this mystery, that would wonderful.

    I did check out your link, but didn't find a solution to this particular problem...



  4. On the first post you linked to, when I try to open the image link for brainwaves2.jpg directly I get an error message saying that the image cannot be displayed because it contains errors. This leads me to think that you may have not saved it in the sRGB color profile.

    On the second post you linked to, when I try to view the image anti-tv.jpg directly I get a 404 error, which means you have probably deleted the original image. If you upload the image again to insert it , the image will have a new file path name reflecting the month the image was uploaded. It's not enough to upload the image again, you have to completely reinsert the image so that the file path to the image is updated.

  5. Hi JustJennifer

    Excellent advice, it solved the problem.

    In Photoshop, I clicked on "Save for Web" which then
    saved it in the .gif format. That did the trick.

    Thanks for your help!


  6. Here's another Support doc you may want to bookmark for future reference

    You're welcome and best of luck with your site.

  7. Hi Jennifer, thanks a million, I never would have figured it out
    without your help!

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