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Some numbers look weird in new dashboard

  1. Some numbers are strange in the new dashboard. An example:

    You have strong1N067strong posts, 1 page, 3 drafts, contained within 39 categories and 460 tags.

    This happens also in the "most read posts" section...

    Any ideas

  2. No ideas, only another question. I want to know why my dashboard says I have 268 categories and 66 tags when I don't use tags and never have.

  3. I have the same rain. I'm showing 3 tags, but upon clicking the link to go to them, it just shows three blank tags.

    It does let you delete them tho.

  4. I take ir nobody is seeing the strange numbers in their post counts, etc...?

  5. Must be me, then... not crazy about the new dashboard so far :(

  6. Is it still showing that? If so, I'd send a note to staff tomorrow when Support reopens. Sounds like they might need to tinker with your blog specifically.

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