Some of my categories are gone

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    Please try this:

    Go to Manage > Categories
    The missing categories should now be there.
    Edit ONE category to be a sub-category like it was before.
    That should trigger a change for all of them.

    If not, please post back OR send a Support but you must give me more information than “It doesn’t work” – I’ll need specifics

    And apologies again for the event.



    All of my Catalogies are visible at blog and Manage/catalogies, Mark fixed it very perfect. Thank Mark very much!



    This is fixed. Thanks Mark.



    It does not seem to be completely fixed yet.

    All my categories are now back under “Manage Categories.” But a few of my subcategories are still missing from the collection of checkboxes under “Blogroll Management,” and a few of my subcategories are till missing from the collection of checkboxes that appear when I edit a post. Again, NOT THE SAME subcategories are missing in those last two places.



    @dianevera – I need details. I don’t know what should be where, only you do.
    Please can you send a detailed Support in ?



    yeah! perfekt^^ its like before^^ thanks



    Solved in my blog! :)
    Many thanks! All my categories are back.


    Ok,,, I can’t figure this out and its really bugging me. I have been trying to create the categories for hours and nothing is showing up. Explain this to me a category is a name in a at the top heading of a box. Then a subcategory is a clickable name tag under the categoriy. My default was archieve and can’t find that at all. I looked under the help section on how to create a new category and it talks about copy and pasting it to clipboard? It seems like it should be easier then that? help..

    What is a parent category?



    nothing is showing up

    Please explain what you mean by “nothing is showing up”. What page you’re looking at and expecting them to appear? Are you getting some sort of error or what?

    Parent category is the top level where you have categories underneath them. If you look at my blog Kim Possible would be a parent category while there’s a number of sub catgeories underneath it.


    Ok, I guess its the parent category that I can’t get to show up. I created categories and they don’t show up on the left side bar. I don’t get an error I just don’t get anything to show up. You can see my blog and see what I am talking about. I just show the archive category, category and Meta . How do i change the category to what I would like then change the name where it says no category? Under dashboard>manage>category I have 7 categories in the list but can’t find any of them. I feel like i am missing something when it comes to changing the side bar names?



    We can’t see your blog if you don’t give us a link to it. Either link your name to your blog (set that under Profile) or put a link in a comment here so we can see what’s happening.



    I think I can see what’s going on: your posts aren’t categorized. The categories won’t show until you’ve got at least one post of that category.

    Set the categories for individual posts in the Edit page, in the column on the right-hand side. Just tick which ones you want associated with that post, or type new ones in the Add Category box on top.


    ok, I got it , decided to spend 3 hours reading the manuals on word press . I wonder what I need to do to change the categories name to something else? If you check the site again, i have the categories but wonder if I can have it say ” safety” instead of ” categories” does that make sense?



    No you cannot change the title word “Categories” to any other word because it’s hardcoded into the widget. But yes you can create a category of any name you so choose. These two resources may be helpful
    understanding your Blogroll, Links widget and Categories
    understanding widgets and how to set them up

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