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Some of my categories are gone

  1. We can't see your blog if you don't give us a link to it. Either link your name to your blog (set that under Profile) or put a link in a comment here so we can see what's happening.

  2. safekidslakeshore

  3. I think I can see what's going on: your posts aren't categorized. The categories won't show until you've got at least one post of that category.

    Set the categories for individual posts in the Edit page, in the column on the right-hand side. Just tick which ones you want associated with that post, or type new ones in the Add Category box on top.

  4. safekidslakeshore

    ok, I got it , decided to spend 3 hours reading the manuals on word press . I wonder what I need to do to change the categories name to something else? If you check the site again, i have the categories but wonder if I can have it say " safety" instead of " categories" does that make sense?

  5. No you cannot change the title word "Categories" to any other word because it's hardcoded into the widget. But yes you can create a category of any name you so choose. These two resources may be helpful
    understanding your Blogroll, Links widget and Categories
    understanding widgets and how to set them up

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