Some of my posts are mature, but most are for general audiences.

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    I have self rated as mature, but I would like to change my content to be for general audiences.
    If I delete the posts that were mature, can I have the mature label taken off of my blog? I list the posts mature that are, but someone may have reported me because I am new to this, and learning. I wish to be clean enough to reach all adults.

    The blog I need help with is


    I am new to this, and need help. Since most of my work is not mature, I would rather just delete the ones that are. Please help.



    If I delete the posts that were mature, can I have the mature label taken off of my blog?

    Yes do that and then post here again. I’ll tag this thread for Staff to examine the blog and remove the Mature rating. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.


    That is fine. Thank you. So, can ‘sex’ the word, not be in the name, then? And, should I assume that my posts should be written as if a child could read it? Just roughly, how do we gauge what we discuss as adults that is not rated ‘r’ or ‘x’?



    This reply by Markel who is on the TOS Staff at may also give you some insights.



    I do not believe the blog at needs to be classified as Mature on at this time.


    I read over many of the forum topics about this, and they were all closed. I will look over the link you have here. My hope had been to reach people who were looking for help as a spirutal/holistic relationship coach, but I think I will give up on that aspect. I will take the ‘sex’ word out of my blog if Ican change the name, as it could be a draw for those looking for porn, which in NOT what I am about. I will take this in a different direction, and have edited out any of my erotica, and I suppose will go back and remove any sexual topics, if that will solve it.
    Thank you.



    The reason for the Mature rating is to allow (non-pornographic) discussions and depictions of sexuality on, including erotica, but keep such images/text out of our public-facing areas, such as the Reader and recommended posts.

    If what you’re posting on your blog would be more appropriate for an R rating rather than a PG rating, we’d want to mark it as Mature.

    If you have concerns about content in the future, please feel free to contact us privately via email or in the forums.

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