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Some of my static pages are just category pages with a drop down..

  1. I would like my category pages to not be able to be clicked on. For example, I have a menu with an "about" tab and then 3 drop down categories under that. I want users to be able to click on the 3 drop down pages but I do not want them to be able to click through to the "about" page. Nothing is on that page (this is a static website). How can I do that?
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  2. I've tweaked your menu to show you an example of how it can be done.

    I've replaced the "Useful Tools" menu item with a "Link" menu (instead of a page), that links to "#". Like this, the "Useful Tools" top menu isn't clickable anymore.

    Does it now work like you meant it to?

  3. Yep! Now how can I do that with the "Latest News" page, as well as the page labeled "PRA?"

  4. Basically exactly like what was added. You'll use an External Link item with the name you want, but link it to just "#" (without the quotes of course).

  5. I'm sorry I don't understand what youre saying..can you give me a little more of a detailed step by step?

  6. Sure, go to Appearance -> Menus in your blog's Dashboard.

    To the left, you'll see a "Custom Links" box.

    In here, enter the URL as just "#" (with no quotes) and the Label as desired, like PRA.

    Then, click "Add to Menu" and drag into position as desired.

  7. It worked! Thanks!

  8. You're welcome!

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