Some of my subscribers report receiving > 200 emails last night.

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    I’ve now heard from a couple of angry folks whose inboxes got flooded last night with several hundred emails – notifications of New Post when in reality the posts were old.

    My blog used to be hosted here on (as custom domain but then I transferred it to self-hosted a few years back. I set to be private about a year ago so people would stop finding the stale content.

    My own personal email subscription is via Feedburner, and I received no mails. The people reporting trouble say that their email flood came from (email redacted)

    I also have my self-hosted blog connected via Jetpack, AND recently disconnected from Jetpack and re-connected, in case that is relevant.

    I’ve posted to my readers here, apologizing to those affected and asking for more info:

    The blog I need help with is



    Your blog is not but and you are posting in the wrong forum.


    Hi raincoaster. Crazy, I’ve read like a million posts by you on these forums over the years. I feel like I want an autograph! :)

    Apologies. Since the email flood originated from I figured this was the right place to post.

    And thanks again for all you have done for me in the past without knowing it :)


    Also, another person posted a similar issue here today, but said post is still with the mods I guess:



    Thank you.

    I’ll flag this for staff attention, although I remain convinced it requires a fix on the .org side of things. Or maybe Jetpack, which is a crossover. But a crossover which is entirely staff’s problem rather than the volunteers’; we just don’t have that kind of access to help people.


    Understood, and thanks again. My tech intuition is leaning Jetpack. FWIW I find no mention of this issue on forums today.



    They are always several DAYS if not weeks behind, but they are the only place for that info.


    I’m having a similar problem. I moved to .org last year and no problems until this morning. My .com subscribers which were moved to .org by .com last year are getting email notifications as of this morning of new posts which are actually from 2012. My feedburner subscribers and rss are fine. I have no idea what is going on but i hope there is a fast fix. Any ideas?

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