Some posts belong to a user which no longer exists?

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    I noticed that a very old post belongs to a user that is not listed in my list of users. I may have deleted that user, I don’t remember. But now about 110 posts belong to that “user” which does not exist.

    This is the inactive/non-existant author
    and you can see the posts belonging to that author.

    I need this changed because of the EXTREMELY out of date blurb on the left “Mark Wilson Back in 1999 I began to write a book called XML Programming with VB and ASP in which I wrote about some of the” etc.

    I need those 110 posts joined into my current user which you can see here

    Please note… when I go to users > all users
    I only see one user “achristian” which is the correct and up to date user.

    The older “reblogger” user posts must be attached to my “achristian” posts.

    Can anyone help?

    Thank you,
    Mark Wilson
    (email redacted)

    The blog I need help with is


    So, the older posts were written by someone else, and you now want to take credit for them as if they were you own?



    No, not at all. All the posts are by me.

    If you click these two links
    you will see my name “Mark Wilson” on both.

    The blog is over 6 years old. Perhaps I had a user with an old email address before gmail?

    How do I merge the old posts so that they are all connected to one user?




    In your dashboard, go to posts > all posts, click on the “author” heading to sort the list by author. You can then click on it again to get all the “reblogger” posts to show at the top of the list.

    Click the checkbox beside each of those posts and then from the “bulk actions” pulldown, select “edit” and then click “apply” and you can then change the author and save. Go to the next page of posts if necessary and do the same thing till you have them all changed.



    BINGO! Purrrrfect. Thank you. :)

    God bless you,
    Mark Wilson.


    You are welcome.



    Rocking :)

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