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    Respected Sir,

    I am a regular user of wordpress. Today when i open my blog, i see no links on sidebar. Inside my dashboards, the link status is visible. But still it is not appeared on blog.

    Another thing is, I want to show Recent Comments on the side bar. I am using BLIX theme. How can i enable RECENT COMMENT feature in sidebar? I have seen it in some of FREE blogs also.

    Kindly help me in this regard as soon as possible



    Some themes don’t have full support for widgets like recent comments. We don’t yet have a list of which ones work and which don’t (anyone got any free time to play with themes for the benefit of the community?)

    There are a lot of problems with the service at the moment so you will notice that some things on your blog don’t work properly anymore. Give it a couple of weeks and if they’re still not fixed, send a feedback.




    Will you enable Widgets features like SHOWING RECENT COMMENTS on site for the BLIX theme which i am using ?
    I request you to enable this new features for Regular and Previous wordpress users bcos i am very useto with this theme. So i do not want to change theme to get new Features.
    Please reply sir.




    I just got a new blog. Any time that I try and delete the default post and comment it tells me “You don’t have permission to do that.” It’s my blog, so why don’t I have permission? I have not changed any user settings since setting up my blog. What can I do so that I have “permission” to delete what I want? Thanks for the help.



    erinbarrett, I deleted the default post for you and checked over your permissions. Try writing and deleting some posts and let us now if you still have trouble.


    ryan, my wife is erinbarrett (if you can’t tell by the name). Thanks for helping her out. Unfortunately, her username and password don’t work anymore now. Any thoughts?



    Stuff like that should be sent directly into the admin via a feedback message as a support ticket needs to be created on that. You may also want to have her try the lost password link on her login in page.

    Good luck,



    If anyone has a login problem and the lost password link on the login page does not fix it, send me an email at ryan at wordpress dot com. Be sure to mention the name of your site.



    erinbarrett and jordanbarret, Donncha and I sent email to Erin with a new password. Please try the new password and reply to my email if you have any problems.

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