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    we are working on Czech translation mostly offline with poEdit and will upload our results in next some weeks, but I looked into GlotPress and found some strange things:

    1) There are approved translations today (3 strings approved by vanillalounge). Why (and by whom) were approved?

    2) In January there were also many approved strings, I noticed they are from our translation (our team maintains it). Is there any automatic script which moves translations from .org to .com?

    Thank you for your answers, it is not problem, but we would like to know what happens behind curtains :-)



    1) weren’t technically “approvals”, but rather corrected warnings (misplaced %s, tags and such)

    2) That was an initial load of the 2.9 .org branch onto .com. For locales with validators, it is now up to them to upload the appropriate .mo. Won’t happen again (unless you request it, of course)



    Great, thanks for clarifying! We are learning how to work with GlotPress effectively and these issues we did not understand…

    Ad 2) It is OK, .com and .org should be the same. But is there any “button” in GlotPress to import files from .org version? Or it can be done by normal import (even if .org .mo file is different from .com)?


    There is an “Import translations” link, only visible to validators. Strings are matched by exact value.



    Great, thanks again. Yes, I see the link to import, but I was not sure, if it is possible to upload another file (not exact .mo file from .com). Now I know :-)


    Knock yourself out ;) (and get a Gravatar…)

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