Some Questions About WordPress

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    Hi, I’m new to WordPress and I’m just seeking some advice and stuff.

    How many page views did you get during your first month? Like, what is the average amount of page views per day you got your first month? Second month? And were many of those from search engines?

    And there’s an upgrade that lets people modify the css files right? Does that mean that you can add ads in there, or is it still against the rules?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hello gareim,

    The amount of visits you get depends on how much you
    update your website and how interesting your content is
    to the readers for example if your site is about knitting
    you most like;y wouldn’t see very many hits.

    [Please check this reply link for useful articles
    about gaining traffic and a readership base.]

    As for the CSS that Only allows you to change the look of the site
    but not the functionality of the site because we don’t have access
    to the PHP files here at

    As for ads the CSS upgrade will not enable for you to add ads
    because ads are not allowed.

    Have your read this FAQ ?



    Thanks for the reply. My views are fluctuating a lot, but the highest so far is 16 and the lowest is 1. It was 11 today (but like 4 of them came from some website that just keeps loading through blogs and that annoyed me). Is that alright? I’ve had the blog for a few days now.

    And thanks for the CSS thing. I was just curious. I guess making money from blogging isn’t happening anytime soon for me. Haha.


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    No, you won’t want to blog for paying your rent. We can’t do it at all here on because it’s against the TOS here.
    Even so, I think you should not give up your “day-job.”
    There is always the chance you could win a lottery, though.



    Well, I tried writing online for money, but that felt so formal. I rather like blogging because it just feels easier to write like that. But I just read that a blogger (Courtney Tuttle?) is going to compete with someone else and they’ll both write 100 hubs on in 30 days and see who makes the most money out of it. I’m going to try and get 100 hubs too. But I think that’ll take me months. Then, I’ll see if that can bring in a reasonable income.


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    Best of luck to you.
    By the way, did you know you can link your name to your blog? It’s easy, and anyone who reads your posts here in wp will see your link, and you won’t look “spammy”?
    Check out the second item on that list!



    Oh wow. I really didn’t know how to do that. I was curious, but couldn’t figure out how to do that. Thanks! =]


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    Hey Hey!!
    It’s great you did it! And thanks for doing it! I’m always amazed that so many folk here are to “shy” to do it!
    happy blogging!

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