Some Subscriptions Disrupted

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    Some people mentioned that their subscriptions have been disrupted, that they’ve been unsubscribed. We haven’t ended any subscriptions on our end, and neither have they. A resolution to this issue would be appreciated.

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    The blog I need help with is



    Have you checked the sticky post at the head of the forums?


    The only thing that sticky post says is “we know it’s happening. no solution.” What is the actual problem causing this to happen? And when will it be fixed?



    Staff have closed that sticky post with the announcement that when there is more to advise they will do so in that thread.

    Also according to them the problem exists only for daily digest and weekly digest and their suggestion is to ask readers to move to “Instant” notifications.

    Bit of a Catch-22 since followers are not receiving those notifications to see the suggestion.

    Sorry for no better news.

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