Some table tags not supported

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    Well, on it says you can use caption, tfoot, etc…

    You should use:


    caption – small text that renders as a table title.

    thead – table header
    tfoot – table footer (goes before the body)
    tbody – table body (the content of the table)

    tr – the row
    th – table header (the header of a column, for example: details, qty, price…)
    td – table data (the data: cable, 1, $5; etc…)

    It turns out in you can use:

    thead (it erased the closing tag)
    tr, th, td (good)

    and nothing else.

    You may like how the ‘caption’ tag worked on the preview, or the ‘tfoot’, or the ‘thead’, but when you hit save it’s all gone…… or so I learnt. Please correct me if I’m wrong.



    i’m not sure what table tags are supported, but since i don’t know how to make a table using html, i pasted my table from ms word to paint and uploaded the picture. then you can have the look you want.



    I’ve got to admit that I always just use the table, tr, and td tags when I do a table. I’ve never gotten into any of the fancy stuff myself.

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