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Some themes are not normal via Right-to-Left Languages

  1. Hi,
    Some themes (eg. Spectrum theme) are not normal in right to left languages (e.g. Arabic).
    1.when it is set to Arabic, the blog having following problems:
    2.The default header image disappear in some browsers like Chrome.
    3.the comments form does not appear in the right place.
    4. A scroll bar appears in the bottom of the browser, the scroll bar allows you to move the site to left and right freely... and the length of scrolling is too long, like hundred kilometers...
    suggestion: Why does the face of whole theme change when we change the interface language of the blog? why do not we just only rotate the language (I mean the text...) .. and leave the theme with original direction. sorry, my english .... I mean , when I change the language of my blog into Arabic, the theme was spectrum, the side bar also changed its position to the other side of the blog, and it caused a lot of catastrophes... thank you ! uhhhh !

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I've tagged this thread to have it moved to the "themes" forum and hopefully one of the theme team will respond shortly.

  3. Hi birhon,

    Thanks for bringing this to attention. I'll make tickets for the issues in Spectrum and we will work on it to resolve as soon as we can.


  4. And thank both of you for your concern ~!
    I noticed that wordpress is now running with many RTL languages ... Arabic, Yiddish, Farsi, Uyghur, Urdu...

  5. You are welcome.

  6. Hi,
    I experienced same long vertical scroll bar issue for almost most of the popular themes.
    It will happen if you just change the direction to right-to-left either in css or html.

    Browser: Firefox 5 and IE7.

  7. Sorry, there is a typo in my previous comment.
    The scroll bar is HORIZONTAL not vertical.


  8. The issues in Spectrum for RTL languages have been fixed now. Thanks for waiting!

  9. @teblet If you recall some of the specific themes you noticed right-to-left issues in, let us know and we'll get them fixed up.

  10. @iamtakashi, thanks for your support.

    Following are some of the most popular themes which have long-scroll-bar issue:

    I will update the list when I find more.


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