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Some Tips on getting hits to your blog

  1. mosesfolliville

    I got a couple thousand hits this weekend.

    I know it can be hard once you get your blog rythm down to get hits and comments. posting on the showcase forum can be Fruitful but also very sparse.
    I posted on Reddit on FRIDAY and easily got 75+ hits just on one blog post. I will warn you. Reddit is very very very fickle if it isn't for you than probably shouldn't try it.
    I'd go there and check it out before you create an account and start throwing links to your blog.

    Does anyone else have suggestions like this? I've tried DIGG but its like facebook. it will take a while to get followers.

    Just trying to share my experience and get other suggestions.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. mosesfolliville

    Let me know what your experiences are.. For example, I'm finding that even posting on facebook is fruitless. I guess everyone on facebook is a little inundated with spammed "CHECK THIS OUT" links.

  3. Have you tried stumbleupon?
    Have you tried emprire avenue (thanks raincoaster)

  4. mosesfolliville

    I'll definitely check them out TimeThief!

  5. Yes, I've used Reddit, DIGG, and StumbleUpon with varying results - sometimes hundreds to thousands of hits, sometimes with moderate hits, and sometimes none. It depends on if you're link is good, but it also just depends on a certain degree of luck. It definitely doesn't hurt to use them though, when you're at the bottom you can only go up!

  6. theboleyninheritance

    I get most of my hits from twitter. Generally I get between 1500-2000 hits a day and about 5-600 of them are from twitter. My record was the boxing match between Hayes and klitschko. Skysports screwed up so people were frantically finding streams on the web, I posted a free stream on my site and got 6000 hits LOL! (so lady luck plays it's part as well)

  7. I tried reddit yesterday. Got 1 hit. Will continue.

  8. @TT - Is there someplace where I can find a stumble-upon user manual kind of thing?

  9. Update: I posted some more posts on reddit and in about 45 minutes I got 138 hits and counting. Will use it forever.

  10. @sayali611
    See this demo video >
    See this page and then note the links on the bottom of the page too.

  11. I am new to blogging. I have gotten a lot of content out, but not a lot of hits. I just signed up for reddit and twitter... will see how it goes. Do you have to pay to be listed on stumbleupon?

  12. I am new to blogging. I have gotten a lot of content out, but not a lot of hits. I just signed up for reddit and twitter... will see how it goes. Do you have to pay to be listed on stumbleupon?

  13. Sorry for the double post btw!

  14. Deffo try these out as my hits seemed to have slowed over the weekend, though I've mostly been in a paralytic state this weekend so I haven't been around so much :D

  15. mosesfolliville

    @maximsmadness, be careful using reddit. Be sure to post links to your blog once a day at the most as well as posting a link to something that has nothing to do with your blog entirely.

    Some people will get on your case for Blogspam pretty quick.

  16. @ a lot of people:

    There are a couple of other things to consider with StumbleUpon and Reddit.

    I tried StumbleUpon a couple of weeks ago and didn't like using it very much. The stuff it would put on my screen just wasn't interesting to me. And I think you have to use the site for your submissions to get hits. I think I only got 1 or 2 views from StumbleUpon.

    I tried Reddit today and I will probably stick with it. They have something in their info section that says you are a considered a spammer if you spend more time uploading things than looking at what everyone else has. Since I can find good stuff on Reddit, it's a service I'll continue with. If you spend a ton of time on their site looking at or rating things, they'll probably forgive more uploads from your site.

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