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some trouble in my functionality blog

  1. 322danizvernariu

    dashboard not function well

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please describe exactly what is not functioning well.

  3. If you are still having trouble accessing your Dashboard, please post in the following thread:

  4. 322danizvernariu

    hello timethief & jackiedana.
    always i clear cookies and i use norton 360 full + some experience in websites HTML.
    in my case (blog) some links in dashboard are wrong like link to stats sometimes are opening reader page and html box where i paste html histats not appear like a imagine but like a script ; i try in many mode : standardt -no function; no java script- no function ; xhtml- no function ,async - no function ...however histats garantee the functionality ...
    Please note that i have another blog in WordPress where these in this moment are functional so is not my PC with problems.
    Thank you!
    dan izvernariu

  5. Hi 322danizvernariu,

    The test we were running with the Dashboard view has concluded, so that should not be affecting your view of your site now.

    Are you experiencing these issues on the same computer, and in the same browser, as your other blog? Can you log out of this account, check your other account, and then log back in to this one to see if the problem persists?

    If so, could you please upload a screenshot to your media library showing the errors?

  6. 322danizvernariu

    yah thank you. i`m happy with that! i will mak an screenshot . thank you for support.

  7. 322danizvernariu

    Upload in media 3 screenshot or see in "error blogs JPEG" post saved in draft .
    thank you

  8. I see three screenshots, and it definitely looks like you're having some issues with our functionality. I wonder if your security settings in Norton 360 are blocking some things. You might try disabling it temporarily to see if that helps.

    If that doesn't improve things, can you confirm that these issues exist when you use different browsers? For example, do you get the same errors when using Chrome vs Safari vs Internet Explorer? Which browsers (and browser versions) have you tried?

    Do you have third-party cookies enabled in your browser?

    Do you ever try logging into your site from a different location/different computer, and does that change how things work for you?

    For the "error saving media attachment", what kind of attachment are you trying to upload? Is it a photo or an audio/video file? How large are the failed attachments?

  9. 322danizvernariu

    Hello jackiedana!
    I have another blog in use , well this blog function well in the same PC with the same browser options (Google chrome) .
    About upload ... i try to upload all 3 jpeg screenshot.

    I Safari browser is the problem!!!! I try in Google Chrome and all functions are OK! Maybe my Safari have some problems I'll check later!
    Thank you for support , i`m happy now!
    Best wishes,
    Dan Izvernariu

  10. You may have security settings in Safari that are affecting how WordPress functions, or perhaps your version is not up today.

    I'm glad to hear things are working well in Chrome for you.

    If you need more assistance, please let me know.

  11. 322danizvernariu

    Thank you jackiedana!

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