somebody help me plzzzzz

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    my webpage has been hacked, the hacker has deleted all of my work on the webpage. is there any possibility to get it restored? if there is any script or backup on the page dated back inn time?

    i cant go inside, he have change my password and juser name
    i can do nothing, he have deleted slowly everything, i have been working there for two years, please do what you can to stop him, i dont know what i can do

    plizzzzzzzzzzzzz help me



    First of all, please stop posting the same thing over and over in the forums. If you look at your username, you can find your previous posts and even the one you already received answers to, which was marked for Staff assistance. You will just have to be patient. Staff are currently away but looking in from time to time.


    ok thanks and sorry :(


    do you know how many years i work for dat ?
    you no it is very sad if somebody to get from you
    ok i can wet and see what wordpress help me for dat



    Sad yes, but besides the recommendations given in the other thread, the only people that can help you are Staff. So, please be patient.

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