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somebody is linking my texts

  1. foreverlivingdream

    My last post has links that I don't know how to undo. Can somebody help.
    The title of the post is: Carl Zander in Chicago June 2012
    There are 3 links: business, start and University

    The blog I need help with is

  2. foreverlivingdream

    now when I go back, the links are not there, but see even my above comment got linked, the word 'start' is linked. who is doing that? how to prevent it in the future?

  3. foreverlivingdream

    what is going on? now the word 'University' in my above original comment is linked, and the word 'start' is not. my posts are still free of unknown origin links but I would like to know how to keep them free. Can somebody help?

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