somebody needs a header image

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    maybe i can help somebody by making a header image… just ask it i will do my best… you can view my header image at



    are you offering free services to help create custom header images?



    yes i offer my help… i’m not a pro but maybe someone needs that



    I’m very new to the WordPress thing, so I started reading many of the posts prior to strarting my blog. One thing I’d like to have is a nice header. If you can help me out with this, I’d appreciate it very much.

    I’ve got some pictures that could be used for a header. Can I send some to you by mail or so, that way you can maybe make some nice header?

    Kind regards,
    Dirk aka W1ck3d



    hi all, i am trying to customize my weblog page… i have inserted code from into css but still have found no way to change header, colors, font, type, etc. i want to add my own header – one that was built in photoshop… any suggestions? any codes?
    much appreciated!!!!!



    BB, please stop spamming the forums. You only need to ask your question once. :)

    Considering that the CSS file you’re using is made for Blogger and this is WordPress, they probably have different labels to the different sections of the layout. I doubt one would translate to the other correctly.

    Your best bet would be to grab a copy of the CSS file you’re currently using and modify that.



    w1ck3d!! read my comment in your web… i hope you like my header in



    how do i find a copy of the current css file from the template that wordpress provides? i cant even access the css which is why i needed coding and copied my blogger coding…
    also, how to i put a personalized header in my blog? anyone have any codes???



    I cannot help you with anything to do with CSS.
    Here are some observations and ideas.
    (1) Nothing on the title of this forum support entry indicates it contains CSS question so people who are css adept may not twig to it
    (2) wordpress and blogger operate on entirely different platforms and code bases – to appreciate the difference please start by reading this
    (3) the possibility of altering, editing or changing in any way a blog template css at was only introduced yesterday – so you may want to read this announcement and follow the links up in it
    (4) you might also want to type “css” into the forum search box and find the 5 or so threads on this brand new initiative
    (5) ALL support on the forum is provided by volunteers and the primary support provider drmike is not usually available at this time of the evening as he lives on the east coast of the USA; others who are able to help you are attending a WordPress “camp” this weekend and therefore may not be available
    (6) I believe the only headers that can be changed at this point in time are in the following themes Ambiru, Benevolence, Blix, Connections, Contempt, Neat, Regulus, Sapphire, Rubic, and Sandbox and the size requirements are here
    (7) I also believe that what drmike may have been indicating is that your header from blogger may not work in the template here without modification and I’m sorry but I can not help you with that

    happy blogging and best wishes for a smooth transition



    beatybant should be banned



    I don’t know why you would say that and I’m not asking you to share. If you have due cause to make such a statement and I assume you must or you wouldn’t have made it then send an email to or send in a feedback describing why you feel this way and they will take care of the matter.



    I was under the assumption since this is a free weblog that is hosting, that we are not able to edit css or add any headers or anything like that, only use the premade templates, was I wrong? I thought that was if you were able to host your very own? I’m confused, so new to this and all, my apologies if I am wrong.



    Please closely read my answer to beautybant above. You will find the answers to your questions at the links provided.

    If you are already at least acqauinted with CSS coding then as of yesterday you could make some adjustments to an existing template.

    If you are proficient in its use you could create a template from scratch using the Sandbox theme.

    If you just want to blog then choose a template begin blogging and wait for awhile until the dust settles.

    Regardless of what original template you use you may not use javascript.

    Please read the information at the links I provided in my answer to beautybank, okay.:)


    okay, so i know you can change the header image in certain themes. gives the size requirements and everything. but how in the world do i do it?



    Copetero, just came across this post and thought what the hell, I’ll give it a shot. Do you think you’ll be able to help me create a header for my site? Let me know, thanks.



    If you look at my blogs and you will see that I have made phot headers. The theme I have used is regulus so the cropping tool is not used. The size required is 730 pixels x 140 pixels. So this is what I did. I used my firefox browser and searched google for free photographs I could download. I found ones I liked and downloaded them. I then used the microsoft paint program to size them and to insert blog titles. Then I uploaded them into my blogs. I have many headers and change them frequently. I hope this helps get you started.

    You have chosen the Ambiru theme so this will be easier for you to do. You can skip the use of microsoft paint and simply find a free photo that you like and then use the cropping tool to size it.

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