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Somebody's using my blog

  1. I did a search on Google for the topic of my most recent post, "Grape and Peanut Butter Omelet," and found that another web site,, a forum for wine, of which I am a registered user, had posted my post as well as my previous post. They did not list me as the author nor provide a link to the blog, something which they do for other things they post. I sent them and inquiry but haven't received an answer yet Is what they are doing, which amounts to stealing my original material, legal? How can I force them to list my blog as the author with a link to the blog?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. That site is not hosted here on and looks to be an aggregator of various Israeli wine sites (Rogov no less!).

    If you do not hear anything from the site owner, you can certainly file a DMCA notice with them and their web hosting service.

  3. Thank you justjennifer. I contacted Rogov directly who denied any responsibility for the mykerem website other than being an occasional contributor. He advised contacting them directly which I have done, demanding they attribute my blog as to authorship. If they don't I'll go the DMCA route.

    Thank you very much for your response and help. Incidentally, how do you know Rogov?

    Dan Kovnat

  4. /facepalm I didn't mean that Daniel Rogov was responsible for that site. I meant that that site was also aggregating his material. (How do I know Rogov? I don't. I know his reviews.)

    Again, this isn't really a problem, but you should review the Support Docs I linked to above about Content theft. There are good suggestions there.

    Good luck!

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