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Somehow my WordPress got Protected Without my Permission

  1. matthewkirshenblatt

    Basically I tried Logging into my Blog and it won't let me in. It says that it is Protected. I even used my right Login information and password.

    But when I access Support, I can get onto my Blog and the Dashboard, but it won't let me look at my Stats bar: the thing that lets me see how many people have viewed my Blog and where. It keeps taking me back to the Protected Page.

    I even went on my Dashboard to see if I can make it public again (and I never touched it to begin with) and I selected public and it is still giving me sending me to the Protected Page when I try to Log In normally or view my stats.

    Does anyone hear know how to fix this issue? Or is it WordPress having a tech hiccup?

    Matthew K.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I am having exactly the same problem with my blog

  3. matthewkirshenblatt

    It seems we are both in good company then. My mutual condolences.

  4. I feel a little better that someone else had the same problem, I was beginning to think i had done something amiss!

    Once I realised I cleared history and cookies but it made no difference.

    You mentioned a Public button, which page on the settings is that?

  5. matthewkirshenblatt

    I sent this issue to because I would say this is a security issue given that our Blogs have been Protected without us selecting them as such. Hopefully this matter can be be dealt with.

  6. Please let me know if they get back to you outside of this thread, I am always anxious to keep a track of my stats as I expect you are as well.


  7. This is all fixed up now, sorry about that!

  8. Thanks!

  9. You're welcome!

  10. matthewkirshenblatt

    Hey, macmanx. Thank you for the fix. I appreciate it. :)

  11. same thing happened to me, suddenly was blocked from dashboard while i was logged in, had to change password AGAIN. when logged back on was working. i do have the two step authentication in place and this still happened. one thing about password recovery is all they have to do is know your email to hack which is displayed any time you comment :( it is not kept private for security.

  12. I had the same problem, now it's resolved. Thanks @macmanx

  13. You're welcome!

    carinaragno, this wasn't a hack. It was a minor change on our end which unfortunately did something rather major instead.

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