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Someone clicked links that DO NOT EXIST :-O

  1. I didn't even search FAQ or the forums for this question, because I have no idea how to word it. :-):-)

    This morning there was a comment waiting in my moderation panel:

    "Here are few movies with moments from gypsy's daily life it's amazing indeed it's unreal what is your opinion about their life style please aces the link and say your opinion about them."

    It included two links, both starting with "" It sounded kinda like spam to me, so I didn't click the links and I deleted the comment without approval. Then I went to my Blog Stats page to see what was new in my world...and I saw those two links under "people clicked on these links on your blog today"! Before I recognized them, I clicked on them in Blog Stats out of curiosity--they led to an odd page, kind of like a social networking site, I guess. But when I saw the names matched, I couldn't figure out how they got two clicks on my blog!

    Unless the poster clicked them before/after posting...?

  2. Ah, well, nevermind. I just pseudo-spammed my sister's blog with my website address, and, yes, I can click on the link while it awaits moderation. So that's where those two clicks came from.

    At least I got a chance to talk to myself and maybe, just maybe, get my sister to go to my site. :-);-)

  3. This can happen when people click on Google ads on your site. You can't see them yourself because you're logged on and/or you're a regular user.

    Apparently new visitors to your site get to see the adverts.

  4. @energetic
    Thumbs up!

  5. @energetic
    Thanks! I always forget about the ads in the world "outside" my cozy little blog. :-);-)

    However, this one was spam--the author was back today with a different comment, checking the new links again. Oh, well.

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