Someone created a blog almost identical in name and content as mine.

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    similar name and content
    I have a blog called, Running Curves. Its a running blog about being a heavier runner. I had someone with the name “Running with Curves” Follow ME and she is about the EXACT subject matter! I started my blog almost a year ago. She just started hers this month. There is one letter difference in her name Runningwcurves. Here is her website I dont think its fair she is so similiar to mine that its creepy, and now following me. Is there a way to make her change her name? It would be different if we had different content, but we have the SAME content, She even discusses the same topics and same ideas! People I mention my blog to might go to hers since we are almost the exact content (except I post pictures of myself)! I feel she is copying mine. Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

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    The authors have deleted this site.

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    Did you mean to visit any of these blogs, instead of — Runningcurves



    I understand your concern, but I can see two posts from the deleted site in Google’s cache and neither post appeared to copy/mimic your site’s content. Regardless, it’s a moot point because she’s deleted her site and she won’t be able to get it back or use that site URL again.

    Just my 2¢/
    What would be the odds that there would be two people on the internet with a similar interest, blogging about the same thing? Pretty high, I’d say. Maybe the site name she wanted was already taken (by you) and she was looking for similarly-minded, curvaceous runners. It would not be uncommon.
    /Just my 2¢



    Do you have any idea how many curvy runners there are? If you want to control use of the term, buy an international trademark.



    I also have to wonder if the 2nd site URL wasn’t suggested by “similar to this” kind of thing when the 2nd person tried to register the first URL. Maybe I’ll check this later if I have time.



    She changed her site and name. She was very nice about it and understood where I was coming from. She did use another name with curves in it , but not the same one. I do believe the odds are high to have the same topic and relatively the same the name. But we are on the same hosting site. It just seemed unnecessary and when she was made aware of it she actually responded amazingly kind and far more generous than I expected (which was a a nice reminder to have faith in people ). I expected someone who was going to be rude and tell me too bad. She didn’t. I respect that. I would have done exactly the same thing for the record. Its resolved. Thanks.

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